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2015 underwear, swimwear latest style swimsuit that makes good
Come from: Date:2015-08-21 Reads:2765

When we walked into the spring, when most of you women groups you should start updating their underwear friends. Partial thick winter underwear comparison, the comparison, the spring and summer underwear to be thin on the lot. Moreover, in the spring and summer, the kind Seamless underwear will receive more welcome.


In 2015, underwear fashion will also affect auto sales. A comparison of sexy lingerie, and more will be consumers. For example, after black Seamless underwear, it would be with a white shirt to match, if the black if now lets you have unlimited sexy. At this time, Kang Luni brand underwear for the majority of female friends prepared a lot of new spring and summer. If you are interested, you can go to the store and sisters to purchase.
In Kang Luni underwear store, there are many more popular current single product, such as swimwear. Temperatures rise, we will soon be able to play the water. Not a decent water swimsuit can not oh.

If you compare relaxed, then wear a kind of "three-point" swimsuit it. Fullness of you, do not mean oh. This sling style, spliced between different colors, sexy but also allows you chic and elegant. 

2015内衣、泳衣最新款式 泳衣那个牌子好

If you tend to be conservative, this dress style swimsuit seemed to satisfy you, right? Polka Dot beating, plus lovely playful bow is not very cute? If you are ready to play five one when launching, now is not the time to start preparing swimsuit out? Kang Luni underwear store underwear now not only has the latest in 2015 selling, as well as the newest swimsuit and beach pants oh. Small partners, like it go buy it quickly.