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Chinese New Year holiday by the sea what to wear more fashionable sexy swimsuit?
Come from: Date:2015-08-21 Reads:2571

Great winter vacation to the beach? Yes, you do not hear voices, but not small series of slip of the tongue! We do not forget, though on our side is a cold winter, but in contrast with our southern hemisphere, such as Australia, Argentina, Chile and other countries just in the summer! Like the sea MM, choose to go to the beach during the Spring Festival holiday in these countries, it is definitely a good choice! So the question came, what to wear to the beach resort more sexy swimsuit fashion it?


Mysterious black always easy to show sexy style, halter-style design sexy but also ensure that will not fall while swimming swimsuit, underwear and corsets direct X-crossover design is very chic, show large US back, slender legs more sexy.



Clean and fresh and pure white always gives a fresh feeling, but that does not mean that white and sexy on him, but the figure above this white swimsuit fresh and clean, and matching white lace dress perspective adding to skin looming in white gauze , added a bit sexy style, fine lace nature is even more delicate and feminine, this swimsuit is not too exposed to small but yet sexy, fit slightly conservative girl dress