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What seaside resort wear bikini swimsuit good recommendation
Come from: Date:2015-08-21 Reads:2434

The hot summer is not it always makes the urge to go to the beach to eat barbecue blow wind of it, then this is not the time to begin some sexy bikini prepare themselves out? So what kind of good to wear a bikini, then let Xiaobian to int


This partial hollow design black bikini, chest above the hollow design, giving a feeling of overlap with the Department, in the middle there are slits hollow, there are chest pad, can be removed to increase, no rims, more comfortable wearing experience with give you more different fashion experience.


海边度假穿什么样的泳衣好 比基尼推荐

Lovely wave pattern bikini, chest and buttocks have flouncing lovely decoration, a steel ring disposed below the chest, plump shape breast shape. Such dress is the most suitable and their girlfriends out elegant, a little cute little sexy, people always hold live.
Summer is coming, I am not really want to go to the beach of the time off? Now fifty-one to put these sexy cute bikini, got heart, oh.